Training a Keeshond is entertaining. The Keeshond is a happy worker and the dogs love pleasing their people so much that they thrive on obedience work. Harsh words or treatment are unnecessary. Keeshonden are quick learners. A few repetitions of a new behaviour are all that is needed to increase a Keeshond's vocabulary. Distractions pose problems for many Keeshonden though. After all, these dogs were bred to be watch dogs. Independent thinkers, Keeshonden may display signs of stubbornness when pushed to do something they find distasteful.

The elegant coat of the Keeshond is surprisingly easy to maintain. They are a double coated breed. The outer hairs with soft undercoat do not tangle and the outer coat sheds dirt as it dries after a wet outing. Strangely enough, this handsome coat, which is odourless when dry, normally needs grooming only about once every one to three weeks. Grooming should be done from the skin out. Some Keeshonden shed heavily twice per year, spring and fall, depending on their environment. At this time it is brush, brush, brush for about two to three weeks. Baths should only be given when necessary: twice per year for some, less often for others. The coat should be thoroughly brushed prior to the bath. Use a good quality dog shampoo and cream conditioner and blow dry the coat after the bath. This helps dry the coat quickly and reduces tangles in the brushing out process. Keeshond owners should purchase a slicker brush, a pin brush and a steel-toothed comb for grooming. The Keeshond is a natural breed and little trimming is needed. You can tidy the feet and hocks but no
further trimming should be necessary. Toenails should be trimmed every week or two with either a file, nail clippers
or a Dremel grinder.